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Lazy Day!

Lazy Day!

Hi everyone! Today has been pretty laid back for me and the kiddos. Went out and did some window shopping… ok,ok. I did buy some Smash tape and stickies. I so love my Smash Book if you haven’t figured that out. Haha. Came home and two of my books were waiting on me. I’m loving “How Do You Tuck In A Superhero?” I can’t wait to read more tomorrow but for now I need some sleep. Kierstin must be teething and not having the best of nights but it’s ok. She’s worth it.

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Some Smash, A little Violin Action and Shrinky Dinks

Some Smash, A little Violin Action and Shrinky Dinks

Hi everyone!  I’m sure you’re all thinking, “what kinda title is this?”  Well, I did a little shopping yesterday.  While at Michael’s I decided I would go ahead and purchase a “Smash Book” and I HAD to have a few accessories to help me “Smash,” right???  I have not made a scrapbook page in my life, I want to.  “Smashing” seems to be a fun spin off concept.  With coupon in hand I picked it up.

My shopping didn’t stop there.  While looking around I finally found some Shrinky Dinks paper.  If you are not familiar with Shrinky Dinks, it is printable/stampable/colorable PLASTIC that you can cut out using your die cutting machine then bake or use your heat gun to shrink the plastic down.  When it has shrunk (I believe it will shrink to 1/3 of the original size) it becomes a hard plastic embellishment. You can use it in layouts, on cards, even jewelry.  I thought it was pretty cool when I watched Megan Gravner from Above Rubies Studios use it in her Cricut Imagine A-Z video.  I didn’t think I would find it here in my area but, alas, Michael’s had it there on the shelf for me to buy.  (sorry the picture is dark)

Since I was in a buying mood and a little motivated, I picked up a few baby girl sticker sheets, letters and embellishments that were on sale for the day I finally start Kierstin’s baby projects.  I will say I don’t have a thing purchased for any Baby Blake projects… is that bad???  I love him too. :-)

See what I mean about having all kinds of supplies on hand for that day I decide to start a project.

Now on to a little violin action… I made a violin card for my dad.  I used the Cricut cartridge, Quarter Note and a couple of pattern papers printed from the Imagine Heirloom cartridge.  My dad wanted to learn how to play the violin many years ago, he did try his best.  He loved just to look at the violin even though he didn’t play it very well.  He’s much older now, loves to reminisce on things.  When I saw the violin on this cartridge I knew I had to make him a card.  I am happy with how it turned out. I know he will LOVE it…. not just because his baby girl made it for him.  Ok, that may help.  LOL.

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And So I Begin

And So I Begin

Hello!  Thank you for taking a moment to read my very first blog post.  A little about me, my name is Tammie.  I am a wife, mom and a gal with many “hobbies.”  Hobbies I don’t make time to pursue.  I have time to make lists or “pin”  (Pinterest) projects I see, projects I want to do, and materials needed. While a new found “hobby” is, well, new to me I will make a good attempt to follow through on a few basic projects.  But that’s where it usually ends because I’ve found something NEW to try and not much time to master the skills… It never ends.

My blog will be a place for me to talk a little about my family but mostly a place for me to make use of my extra (I do have two small children… lol) time to attempt to mark of items from my project lists and to showcase my accomplishments. The reason I feel compelled to do this is I tend to get caught up in things that waste my time.  The feeling I have to look at something I have created or finished makes me one happy girl.

I hope you will  follow along with me as I Just Make Time, a moment here and there.  I will pick an interest or project, work on it, finish it and post for all to see.

See you in the next post!


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